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Using a Soaker Hose to Water Trees

Soaker hoses are a commercially available and relatively inexpensive way to water. They can be used on trees, but they are much better suited for flower beds and shrubs.

A soaker hose looks like a black garden hose but it is made out of a porous material that allows water to seep out evenly along the entire length of the hose. Many soaker hoses can be tied together, but very long strands may have a higher leakage rate at the spigot end because the pressure will drop farther down the line. To maximize effectiveness and minimize evaporation it should be covered with soil or mulch.

Quantity per application is nearly impossible to judge. Hose porosity will differ between manufacturers, water pressure has an effect, and there is no practical way to catch the water to do a timed test.

Speed is also difficult to compare with soaker hoses. In order to make it quick and painless, you'll need to have one at each tree. If you have more than a few trees you'll also need a lot of hoses and some splitters to charge each one. You will also need to turn it off at some point. Soaker hoses are just not a practical approach for water multiple new trees.

The best way to insure proper watering is invest in a watering method that's fast, applies a known quantity, and requires no additional maintenance. Start a weekly routine you'll stick to!

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