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Using Root Feeders to Water Trees

Root feeders are designed to direct all water directly to the root well of the tree. Water losses due to run-off, evaporation, and mulch soak are minimized, if not eliminated entirely. The term "root feeder" does not necessarily mean fertilizing, but it certainly can. Root feeders are an excellent way to get any nutrients or other soil amendments to the root ball without surface interferences. There are two classes of root feeders, hose-fed and self-contained.

Hose-fed root feeders are easily pushed into the root well of a tree. They are very portable and easy to use, with some products allowing for slow-dissolve water soluble fertilizers to be added. A common misconception of this method, however, is the convenience of the hose. By limiting yourself to only one location at any given time, you may be adding minutes or hours to your watering time.

A self-contained root feeder is a method that combines the advantages of all the other methods. It offers the targeted efficiency of a root feeder, the time savings of a easy-to-fill reservoir, and the flexibility to go anywhere at any time. The only product in this category is the patented Tree I.V. system. Durable plastic injectors can be located in all locations, followed by 5-gallon reservoirs that can be quickly filled and left to drain. Watering a yard full of young trees can be completed in minutes, not hours, and
liquid fertilizers or soil amendments can be easily added. Water can even be transported to remote trees with the use of an optional reservoir plug.


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Surface Watering

Surface watering techniques are hard to regulate. Uncontrolled run-off, especially on a slope, is highly inefficient and leaves soak depth totally unknown.

Root Feeders prohibit run-off since the water bypasses the surface. Self-contained root feeders provide the additional advantage of speed, allowing many trees to be watered at the same time.

Self-Contained Root Feeder


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