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The 5-Gallon Root Feeder




The Best Way to Water Newly Planted Trees

Efficient - 5 gallons for small trees - 15 gallons at the "drip line" for larger trees

Water dozens of trees in minutes! - Portable...for remote trees

Made in USA - by SayeGrow


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Tree I.V. watering system makes watering new trees fast, easy, and efficient. The 5-gallon reservoirs fill in less than one minute while the deep injectors soak the root well without run-off.

 Dozens of trees watering in minutes!

Tree I.V. irrigation system is faster than hose fed methods since you can fill them all at once. Watering bags and rings force you to water at the base. Tree I.V. lets you water at the drip line for larger trees, promoting stabilizing outward growth.

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Easy to Use Additives - Once Every 2 Months!

  • Liquid soil conditioners that improve clay soils

  • Liquid fertilizers from Ag industry products

  • Concentrated - only 1/2 oz needed per application

  • Environmentally friendly - Made in USA

  • Additives simply pour in during normal watering

Water and Feed Multiple Young Trees in Minutes


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 How to water young trees

 Comparing watering methods

      Open Hose

      Soaker Hoses

      Drip Irrigation

      Root Feeders

Conditioning Poor Soils

Fertilizing Young Trees

Is it dry where you are?

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Why is a root feeder better?



I have never been more impressed than I am with the Tree I.V.s. I am actually about to order 4 more stakes to keep in the base of the other new trees and rotate the buckets to those trees, too. It was simple, smart, and by-golly it worked!


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Drain Rate

Tree I.V. root feeders force water into the root well using gravity pressure. Here are some drain time estimates:


  Sandy soil: 5 minutes

Loamy soil: 10 minutes

Clay soil: 30 minutes or more


These percolation rates are determined by your soil type. To improve the rate of clay soil visit our Conditioning Poor Soils page


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